Monday, September 26, 2016


I always tell myself that I should blog often. I'm particularly enthusiastic about the writing part, I'm however, very keen on testing out new products and photographing them.

I have been testing out ton of products lately, I always recommend patch testing though I don't actually follow. Thanks to snail gods, I haven't STILL had a bad reaction to any of the products I have tried out.

This week, I'll be reviewing something i bought to qualify for free shipping + cause it was on sale. We all do it, don't we?


Before hitting the purchase button I tried several searches for this product but, i found a very handful of reviews. I wanted to try it out, since it was on sale and it had niacinamide. 
I have been trying to fade my PIH and brighten my skin lately, so I have been hoarding anything that has Arbutin, Licorice and Niacinamide in it.

Texture; I love the old school packaging, gold and brown very classy, I absolutely hate the dropper bottle in terms of it's functionality. The ampoule is a little thick in consistency and the dropper doesnot pick enough product and I have to dip the funnel/dropper in to the bottle twice to get enough product. *annoying*

I did check for COSDNA for the ingredients. I'm gonna be real with you'll, I'm not qualified enough to discuss ingredients, I started AB last November, found what works me through trial and error. I have linked cosdna for your reference.

Product Description?

The Ladykin Triple Fantasy ampoule rich with ferments, claims to whiten,smoother skin and help uncover vibrant and youthful looking skin with few days use.

It also claims to help the skin stay hydrated and smooth.

Personal Experiences; I have been using it every night for the past three weeks. My sister noticed a glow and my PIH have been rapidly fading. I can give all credit to the Ladykin Ampoule alone, I use other products rich with niacinamide.

I might not repurchase as I really hate the whole dropper bottle concept, when it comes to this product. I cannot really comment on it's youthful skin claims, but i did feel that does hydrate my skin to a great deal.

Best suited for; Aging and PIH

Where to buy; I purchased mine from

Price; 15-30$

Rating; 4/5 will not repurchase

until next time...
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