Monday, September 19, 2016


Today, I’ll be introducing a new segment. Sample reviews, this is where I’ll be reviewing those tiny foil packets I receive with orders which I always end up dumping on my mother or throwing them away in a year or two.

I hope and pray that introducing this segment to the blog would reduce my need to try out new skin care every month and would drastically improve my financial status in the foreseeable future. *wink*
Every week, I’ll be trying one or more samples and giving you a short review, this would include a short description on functioning, my likes and dislikes about the product and will I take a plunge and purchase a full size of the product reviewed.

As this is my first sample review, I got a little excited and tried out a makeup sample, which is unusal for me.


image courtesy : Amazon

I received like three packets of Purito BB cream samples last week and I was really skeptical about trying this out cause I have never heard about this brand before. After lot of reasoning with myself and since I’m on the market for a new BB cream I decided to give this a shot! And it disappointed me.

Skin Profile ; I’m a NC 20-25 with warm undertones

The product itself is grey, and very tacky and hard to spread. Poor me, without any prior knowledge about this product, I applied the BB cream generously. Which left my face with a grey/ white cast and I had a really hard time evening out the BB cream. Just so tacky! *meh*

Probably would suit someone with cool undertones?

Doesn’t do much on coverage either. It does oxides in like an hour, nothing spectacular. If you'd ask me, Purito BB cream has failed to impress me! Will not purchase.

until next time...
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