Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Let me introduce you'll to THE most annoying product packaging today. Honestly, this is the worst tub of moisturizer that has ever happened to me.


Snail slime has been my greatest obsession since discovering Korean Beauty, It totally cured my acne, healed my skin and it has also healed my occasional burns. Snail secretions supposedly contain great anti aging and anti wrinkling properties, which with daily use could lead to smoother and glowing skin.

I cannot comment on anti aging as I'm still on my early 20's but, I do love slathering snail secretion on my face LOL.

Product Description?
The Ladykin Affinictic snail cream contains 80% snail filtrate extract which has been known to heal skin that has suffered loss of elasticity and has been damaged from external environmental factors.

Personal Experience ; 
Ladykin affinictic snail cream is a super moisturizing light weight lotion that's ideal for oily or clog prone skin. This left my face super soft and smooth like no other lotion.

Best suited for; Oily, Clog prone skin

Price; $ 16-22

Where to buy; eBay, Amazon

Rating;  5/5 Will not repurchase 

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