Thursday, July 6, 2017

Brilliant | Loveheart Lip Mask & Loveheart Lip Gel Patch

Brilliant Loveheart Lip Mask & Brilliant Loveheart Lip Gel Patch Review

 Brilliant Loveheart Lip Mask and Lip Gel Patch duo are here to save your dry and chapped lips.  The Lip Mask is a thick white paste which can be applied all over your lips and left for about 2-3mins. Then rinse or wiped with a wet cloth. 

The Lip mask mask contains AHA which helps in gentle exfoliation and might help lighten your lips in the long run.and is enriched with Macadamia seed oil which helps recover tired and chapped lips and activates skin, minerals, proteins and vitamins.
I can't comment on the lightening aspects but I did notice that my lips were lot smoother than it was before. I use it every two weeks cause my lips are easily irritated and I do not want over exfoliate.

The Brilliant Loveheart gel patch is a gel type mask that adheres to your lip which is to be used after the Brilliant Loveheart Lip Mask to sooth and moisturize.I left the gel patch on for about 20-30 mins and sealed my lips with some Rosebud Salve.

I absolutely adore the Brilliant lip duo. My lips were noticeably brighter and a whole lot smoother after 
just one use and the results last for 2-3days. I'd higly recoomend it to anyone who wants to 

  I absolutely loved this Lip duo. My lips were noticeably brighter and super soft even the next day. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to lighten their lips temporarily.

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