Friday, October 6, 2017

Importance of Cyber Security for Bloggers

Growing up south Asian my parents wasn’t very thrilled on my decision to become a beauty blogger. Sharing pictures and personal information online is still a touchy subject if you’re raised in an Asian background. Thankfully, the times are changing and I see most of my fellow South Asian sisters getting in to beauty blogging/vlogging, conquering the blog/vlog sphere which makes me ecstatic.

How important is personal cyber security if you’re a beauty blogger or a blogger in general?
In the past few years, I’ve come to understand the importance of maintaining an online presence as a blogger. Which helps immensely to maintain a relationship with your audience, sharing your personal information with brands etc.

Is personal security of bloggers as important as celebrities? Celebrities and public figures are always at the threat of being hacked. Does that threat apply to bloggers as well? Yes, it does. Last week, I was notified for suspected login attempt by Facebook and Gmail. I’m a blogger with just over 60K followers combined all my social media accounts, the threat of cyber security compromise increases as your follower count grows.

In August, Instagram alerted its high-profile users that their information may be compromised in a recent security breach which resulted in Instagram account of actor and singer Selena Gomez’s Instagram profile being hacked. Throughout the month, Instagram accounts of high profiled Instagram uses were shut down and some reported suspicious activity.

To those who are unaware of “what really happens when you get hacked”
Individuals get hold of your personal data; your e-mail, contact information or access to your social media. You may get threatened to expose your personal data or lose all access to your accounts.

How can you prevent being a target of cyber threats?
A good cyber security software. Use hard to guess passwords. Unique passwords to every account. Two factor authentications.
If you’re looking for a reliable cyber security software, I recommend you Rubica. Rubica eliminates the complexity of cyber security and privacy by taking care of it for you behind the scene. It’s like having your own team of cyber ops to keep your personal data safe from cybercrimes, Rubina keeps you safe from attempts by criminals to collects your personal information and use it for financial gain.

How to get Rubica?

Simply download the Rubica app in your computers, smart phones and tablets.

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